Recovering from the COVID 20

A personal struggle to lose pandemic pounds

  • Can’t eat beans without cornbread
    ‘Cause Beans and CornbreadThey go hand-in-hand I was born in the south and I was raised on beans, taters, and cornbread. Of course the beans were cooked with a ham hock or salt pork, the potatoes were usually fried (in bacon grease, most likely), and the cornbread was made with shortening and then slathered with…More
  • Banana Rice Porridge – hello breakfast!
    Even the 3 bears wouldn’t have left this stuff to go out for a walk Yesterday I made a list of Starch Solution-friendly recipes that looked good to me or didn’t have a ton of exotic or weird ingredients and weren’t too complicated to prepare. First up for breakfast: Creamed banana rice polenta porridge. Banana,…More
  • Pizza doesn’t have to be a dirty word
    You just have to recast the star of the show I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and picked up a few things to make a pizza that fits into my new way of eating. As I was shopping, I really tried to pay careful attention to the labels: to the percentage…More
  • Sautéing in water – What?
    I feel like such a rebel I’ve done the meatless meals thing before, but never gone as far as completely clean. No oil. No dairy. There’d always be some sort of something in the recipe to make up for the absence of meat: eggs, oil, cheese. Something in there as a concession. Not tonight, though.…More
  • Toting around the feed bag
    If you want to eat healthy, you’ve got to carry food with you Day one (officially) and I packed up my insulated bag with the day’s provisions. I’m back at the office for work but the refrigerator is still off-limits, so I’ve tossed in an ice pack to keep everything cold. Thankfully we have a…More

About me

If you’ve come this far, why not venture a little farther… into the depths of battling with health and up to the summit of recovery. That’s why I’m here, to share with you my struggle to shed the excess weight and complacency that set in during the pandemic. Join me, won’t you?